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Amenities & Dining

Discover Exceptional Dining and Amenities at

Elevated Estates of New Port Richey

Elevated Estates of New Port Richey recognize the significance of outstanding amenities and dining experiences in ensuring a gratifying lifestyle for our residents. Our perspective goes beyond conventional housing; it revolves around establishing a dynamic and interconnected community where individuals flourish. Through our nourishing meals, carefully curated fitness programs, and a diverse range of daily activities, we cultivate a strong sense of connection and togetherness that our residents hold dear. At every juncture, we endeavor to create the ideal recipe for an enriched lifestyle, brimming with comfort, joy, and meaningful connections


At Elevated Estates of New Port Richey, we firmly believe in making dining a truly enjoyable experience. Our sophisticated dining offerings are carefully curated to meet the refined tastes of our residents and cater for everyone. Explore a variety of tempting choices, from themed dining events that whisk our residents away on delightful culinary journeys to an 'always available' menu featuring beloved classics served throughout the day. Additionally, our chef's omelette station crafts personalized breakfast delights. Our main goal is to provide a nourishing, unforgettable, and pleasurable dining experience, with careful consideration of each resident's individual needs and preferences to ensure all are satisfied.


Amenities & Entertainment

Elevated Estates of New Port Richey is a warm, welcoming place where residents can relax and enjoy our convenient amenities. Our residents can play a spirited game of bridge, enjoy the Spring Hill sun on our patio, or take a restful morning walk. View below for some of our highlighted amenities:

  • Comfortable Patio

  • Large Gathering Places

  • On-site Laundry Facilities

  • Organized Activities

  • Pet-Friendly Spaces

  • Welcoming Gardens


Resident and employee safety are a priority for us. Take comfort in knowing the following programs are in place to make our community a safe place to live and work.

  • Around-the-Clock Staffing

  • Enhanced Cleaning Practices

  • 24-Hour Emergency Alert System

  • Purposefully Designed Spaces and Features

  • Safety Checks

  • Way-Finding Signage

  • Optimized Lighting

  • Evacuation Procedures and Protocols




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